Audio normalization on the fly

You have probably heard of audio normalization before. Audio is usually normalized to a human-perceived loudness levels by a method of getting the sound’s average or peak amplitude to a target level.¬†Usually this target level is set by some standard that a broadcaster must follow – in European broadcast industry’s case this is the EBU R128 standard.

Currently most of the normalization products on the market work by normalize-first-play-after method, which means that you have to usually separate the audio from the video material, then normalize it, then playback both.

We here at VESet have recently been testing a new kind of normalization software – Grimm Audio LevelShow. I can say that the testing has been successful – with the LevelShow DirectShow filter integrated together with our Cloud Playout solutions, it is possible to normalize the sound to the EBU R128 standard, on the fly. Without any headache.

It is also important to note that this works with many audio tracks simultaneously – if you have a TV channel with more than one sound track (like, english and spanish audio tracks), sound gets normalized to the standard levels for both tracks.

So, yeah, with Grimm Audio LevelShow integrated our Cloud Playout solutions, audio normalization seems like a non-issue anymore.

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