YuppTV is the world’s largest OTT player in South-Asian content


YuppTV saw an opportunity to target a variety of new audiences by creating linear TV film channels with content taken from their vast VOD library currently offered to subscribers. As a global OTT platform, YuppTV uses IP in the Cloud as the core technology for its operations. In striving to avoid old-school hardware based or ‘virtualized’ playout configurations, YuppTV’s technology team was keen to find a cloud playout solution able to be operated on AWS.


VesetNimbus offers an simple, straightforward solution providing end to end channel creation and playout, including basic daily scheduling with drag and drop and cut and paste capabilities. After launching with its flagship channel, Bollywood Box Office, which became an instant success on YuppTV platform, the OTT operator now plans to continue to add new film channels to various packages available on its platform. With its content already stored in S3, it is incredibly easy to ingest content into the VesetNimbus platform and manage the entire operations from a web console. As soon as the playlists are ready and content is imported, YuppTV is able to launch new channels within minutes, and then simply connect the new channel to its global OTT platform offering.


VesetNimbus is a highly synergetic addition to YuppTV’s OTT platform, saving significant operational costs implicit in traditional playout solutions - whether on site or in an edge configuration. Given its distribution model, YuppTV has ultimate flexibility to experiment with new channels for its clients, adding or removing them without incurring any setup costs or entering long term service or hardware commitments.



YuppTV founded in 2006, is the world’s largest OTT player in South-Asian content, YuppTV, is making strong strides in expanding globally. Headquartered in Atlanta, USA and Hyderabad, India YuppTV provides content in 14 languages with an offer of over 250+ TV channels, more than 100 TV shows and over 5000 movies.


  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Low operational costs
  • OTT synergetic

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