Veset Cirrus is now on Freedocast

Freedocast enables the user to live stream instantly anywhere anytime. With Freedocast Pro device connected to a camera or other video source, prosumer users can stream through Freedocast platform reaching their audiences through HD quality video simultaneously on multiple platforms. Having added Veset Cirrus , Freedocast now has enabled its subscribers not only to stream live events but combine live and pre-recorded content (such as past live shows or another video) into a branded  24/7 linear TV channel.

With the integration of Veset Cirrus into Freedocast platform, its subscribers get the benefit of an easy-to-manage and cost-efficient real time playout for live channels. Veset Cirrus offers simple drag-and-drop and cut-and-paste playlist creator for looped playlists. It offers a straightforward way to switch between live and non-live content and add professional live rendered graphics overlays such as logos/bugs and running lines. 

Cloud playout on Freedocast platform opens opportunities for content owners with limited resources to launch professional branded 247 linear channels and stream them across multiple social network and OTT platforms.  

About Veset

Veset develops and markets a pioneering cloud playout software-as-a-service solutions. 

Our flagship product is Veset Nimbus. It enables broadcasters to create professional linear TV channels and deliver them to any linear television distribution platform: from satellite, terrestrial, OTT, IPTV and CDN. Veset’s pay-as-you-go, self-service and all-in-one playout provides broadcasters, both large and small, with a quick, efficient and economical way of launching new TV channels or migrating away from cumbersome traditional hardware-based solutions.

Veset Cirrus is a prosumer cloud playout for OTT platform operators, which enables channel creators and owners to self-manage their content without facing the complexity of traditional broadcast playout systems which is especially relevant for those who look to leverage OTT distribution and social media platforms.

Our solutions eliminate the need for upfront investments in hardware, long-term commitments or hidden financing arrangements. It also reduces demands on broadcasters and media service organisations to maintain playout infrastructures in-house by leveraging market-leading cloud computing resources of Amazon Web Services and other leading providers.

About Freedocast

Freedocast is a live broadcasting solution which enables the user to live stream instantly anywhere anytime. Broadcast simultaneously to multiple platforms like FB Live, YouTube Live, etc. Freedocast provides Adaptive Bitrate Streaming which enables streaming even in low bandwidth.

To broadcast live connect your camera/video source to the Freedocast Pro device or go Live through Freedocast platform. Reach your audience through HD quality video simultaneously on multiple platforms. Freedocast Pro device can be controlled easily via remote App.

Freedocast is a product by YuppTV, pioneer and one of the world’s largest online over-the-top (OTT) entertainment solutions provider. YuppTV is renowned for its technical superiority and simple solutions in delivering video content globally.

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