Amazon Web Services

Veset platform has been designed and built with the cloud in mind since its inception in 2011. The backend of the platform is hosted in AWS and consists of a multitude of microservices. It manages customer accounts, content libraries, databases, logs, ingest processes, playlists, channel and playout subsystems.

Specific parts of the platform would be typically hosted in customer’s own AWS account, using such services as Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier for data storage and archival, and Amazon EC2 for the actual video processing.

Being in the cloud, Veset platform is ideally suited for modern live production and distribution workflows allowing video content owners to create and manage linear TV channels in a flexible, scalable and cost efficient way without upfront investment into infrastructure. Additionally, direct and integrated access to the catalogue of the many AWS media-focused services makes for an easy path to rapid development and implementation of various broadcasting projects and new client acquisition.

Typical use cases include:

  • Creation and management of linear TV channels for OTT and traditional distribution;
  • Launching pop-up channels in the cloud dedicated to live events (e.g. sports competitions, events etc.);
  • Launching a linear channel from existing VOD library for ad-supported OTT distribution;
  • Localising and delivering linear content to global networks.
  • Establishing a cost-efficient & cloud-based disaster recovery option for service providers with existing on-premise playout infrastructure.

Igor Krol, CEO, Veset:

Our customers use Veset cloud-based playout for linear TV channels with AWS Elemental Media Services to set up new channels in a fast and cost-efficient way.

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