SaaS workflow and
playout for linear
TV channel
Reliable, cost efficient and flexible all-in-one cloud solution for professionally managed linear chanel.
Move your linear channel playout to the cloud with Veset Nimbus. Get in control - gain flexibility, reduce costs and maintain security and reliability.

All-in-one solution - full functionality

Run professional linear channels from ingest, quality control and MAM to scheduling, playout and transport of live feeds to your headend (satellite, cable or CDN)

Native 100% cloud based solution

Our solution developed specifically for the cloud and utilises its resources for maximum reliability, flexibility and low operational cost efficiency

Efficiency of SaaS

Pay-as-you-go SaaS business model removes need for upfront investment, high capital expenditure and maintenance, lowers barrier to entry

Leveraging on cutting-edge internet technology

Incorporated in Nimbus are the best-in-class specialised cloud services such as Amazon S3 storage, EC2 virtual servers, ZiXi’s secure and reliable transport over IP

Gain flexibility, optionality and elasticity

Customize your Nimbus solution to address the wide range of demands placed on today’s broadcasters - use Amazon, private or hybrid cloud, IP transport or VPN, broadcast in HD or SD, to integrate with your current set up

User friendliness

A highly intuitive and creative environment that reduces training needs by taking into account industry trends and approaches
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