Fashion TV

True Cloud Playout with global reach


Historically FashionTV relied on services provided by large and well-established managed service providers offering solutions for leading broadcasters in Europe and globally. While the overall quality of playout services offered to FashionTV was satisfactory, the broadcaster was looking to reduce costs of its operation while at the same time rendering its playout more future proof and adding overall flexibility. FashionTV had been making substantial investments in its on-demand offer as well as its social network presence and was seeking a playout solution that could combine the professional level of service and functionality with the scalability and transparency of true cloud playout. It also did not want to enter into long-term commitments and directly or indirectly tie itself to any specific playout hardware.


In June 2015 FashionTV took the decision to switch to Veset Nimbus and to launch its European HD channel, with Veset supporting its playout operations. By uploading its video content to the Veset Nimbus cloud library, FashionTV was able to launch its channel quickly once the decision to move to the cloud-based solution was taken. Integration with the channel’s existing traffic system was also managed quickly and seamlessly. Through the use of IP transport solutions, Veset Nimbus output feeds are now delivered to multiple satellite, cable and IPTV headends in Europe, the U.S.A and South America, as well as to the DailyMotion platform. In addition, Veset Nimbus allowed FashionTV to experiment with new channel formats and programming, allow the launching and closing of channels at short notice, providing ultimate scalability.


Having moved its playout to Veset Nimbus platform, FashionTV has been able significantly to reduce its total cost of playout operations as compared to other managed playout solutions. These are often based on traditional playout hardware, such as leading channel-in-the-box and so-called “edge solutions”. Without loss in key functionalities and with ease of integration with existing and new workflow elements, the channel has been able to gain substantial operational flexibility on top of cost savings. FashionTV is now in a position to launch new channels from its library and deliver them around the world within hours. It can also sell into new territories without investment in satellite coverage by using IP delivery of the channel originated in the cloud. Veset also allows FashionTV to align its linear channel strategy with its VOD offers as this innovative broadcaster leads the industry with forward-looking strategies.

Fashion TV

Fashion TV

Fashion TV is the global multimedia network leader in fashion and lifestyle content, broadcasting to more than 530 TV platforms, mobile, IPTV, and with more than 20 million monthly views on YouTube. With more than 665 million households reached it is the only 24-hour fashion, beauty and lifestyle television station worldwide, appealing to those interested in fashion, style, beauty and trends.


  • Scalability
  • Operational flexibility
  • True IP workflows
  • Minimal lead time to air

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