Enhancing Live Broadcasts with Smart Ad Integration

Advanced, cloud-based solution for real-time, in-video advertising, elevating viewer experience and ad effectiveness in live streams

Veset AdWise is an innovative cloud-based solution designed to transform live broadcasting through in-video advertising.

Utilizing advanced picture-in-picture technology, this platform allows broadcasters to seamlessly integrate contextual ads into live feeds. The main video is elegantly squeezed to accommodate these dynamic advertisements, ensuring a smooth and engaging viewer experience without interrupting the live content.

Seamlessly integrate live stream ads
Use Picture-in-Picture to show relevant ads alongside main content
Ads are manually inserted during live broadcasts without missing key moments
Instantly update ad content in response to dynamic live events
Ensure a smooth transition between live content and advertisements, enhancing viewer retention
Flexibility to choose various ad formats and sizes to suit different content types
Smoothly transition between live content and ads, enhancing viewer retention
Manage advertising content anywhere with cloud infrastructure

Potential Use Cases

In the modern media landscape, integrating advertising seamlessly into live broadcasts has become essential for engaging audiences and generating revenue.

Live Sports Broadcasting

Integrate ads seamlessly during live sports events, capitalizing on high viewer engagement moments.

News Channels

Offer contextual advertising relevant to breaking news stories or specific news segments.

Live Concerts and Events

Enhance viewer experience by incorporating sponsor ads without interrupting live performances.

Online Education and Webinars

Provide relevant educational tools or book promotions during live online learning sessions.

Gaming and Esports Streams

Tailor ads to the gaming community during live gaming events or tournaments.

Charity and Fundraising Events

Display donor information and real-time fundraising updates alongside the live event.

AdWise Technical details

File ingest
File formats
Most broadcast formats (MP4, XDCAM, XAVC, others)
Live ingest
AWS MediaConnect (Zixi, SRT, RIST, RTP-FEC, others)
Output encode
Standard H.264/H.265 (multiple encoders available)
Output type
HLS / ABR HLS (push/pull)
1+1 (main/backup) full redundancy
Built-in editor (supports DVE, HTML5, Video, Picture, Adobe AE)

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