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IP workflow integration


Toward the end of 2013 as the channel was looking at expanding quickly, Ginx TV concluded that its playout infrastructure had become cumbersome, time consuming and expensive to operate. Launching new channels took months and localising these channels proved problematic. Adding new subtitle and audio tracks for each new channel required considerable manual input and a redesign of existing processes on the legacy playout platform. Ginx TV needed a system that was quick and easy to operate, and one that could seamlessly integrate into its existing formats and workflow


After careful and detailed planning with the Ginx TV team, Veset migrated Ginx’s playout to its cloud-based platform, Veset Nimbus. Veset rebuilt all of Ginx TV’s workflow with minimal changes to the broadcaster’s internal processes. Thanks to its flexible architecture Veset Nimbus was easily able to handle all of the various legacy file formats removing the need to re-encode files, thus saving time and resource. Veset centralized and improved Ginx’s asset library by applying its automatic audio loudness normalisation in compliance with EU directives. Veset’s powerful graphics engine allowed Ginx to migrate its complex and demanding graphics requirements from the legacy system in order to maintain brand continuity. Veset integrated Ginx TV’s scheduling file format into its own tailor-made version on Veset Nimbus. In keeping with the broadcaster’s preference to operate from its own private data center, the Veset Nimbus solution is run on Ginx TV’s private cloud in addition to the Amazon Cloud (EC2). All channels are played out in 1+1 mode and together with storage on the Amazon cloud, the Veset solution gives Ginx TV industry leading levels of security, reliability and redundancy. Finally, Veset was also able to seamlessly integrate with Ginx’s IP based transport provider, Zixi, to deliver feeds to multiple headends. Zixi with its software approach matched perfectly with Veset’s cloud playout architecture and offered Ginx an integrated cost effective solution.

Business value

Veset’s solutions have enabled Ginx TV a level of flexibility that would have been unthinkable using their traditional broadcast methods. Ginx TV’s new play out infrastructure is a hassle-free operation where in all that Ginx TV is required to do is provide video content and a playlist time table to Veset. All of the rest of the operation has been integrated into the Veset Nimbus solution and easily operated from the cloud. Veset has allowed Ginx TV to migrate to a state of the art cloud infrastructure yet retain the use of their current production workflows and transport services (ZiXi). Veset has helped Ginx TV realize its expansionary plans by allowing scale and customization at a very low cost. In less than one year Ginx TV has been able to transform itself from a single channel broadcaster to a broadcaster with multiple channels, live studio shows, in diverse locations and in many languages and at a fraction of the cost.

Ginx TV

Ginx TV

Ginx TV is a UK-based international media company and is the world’s only international broadcaster dedicated to videogames and the video gaming culture. Its eclectic mix of shows offer highlights from the world’s biggest video gaming events, previews and reviews of the biggest and best games, and up to date hourly news


  • Low cost
  • Scalability
  • IP workflow and distribution
  • Operational flexibility

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