Easy integration out of the box


ITB was looking to expand into new geographies but wanted to avoid relying on old playout solutions which have reached the end of the development cycle. Very sophisticated in in-house development capabilities, the ITB tech-savvy team was looking for a modern cloud playout system which ITB could integrate easily into its existing workflow. In particular, ITB was keen to be able to integrate with internal MAM and scheduling systems which could handle playout efficiently with minimal human interaction and errors. ITB was looking to expand to Vietnam and other territories outside its home markets and wanted to have a flexible playout tool that would allow them to explore lucrative but uncertain business opportunities in a cost-efficient manner.


With a high degree of internal IT expertise, ITB technical team was able to run a focused three week POC and was immediately able to grasp Veset Nimbus capabilities and flexibility.

Also, ITB understood that it can use different cloud suppliers and align revenues and costs depending on a particular business opportunity and its requirements. Having done that it was able to experiment with different suppliers of cloud/computing resources and come up with optimal hybrid combinations to fit its use cases.

ITB was able to integrate with Veset Nimbus using REST API and is one of the few clients who have minimal human involvement in the process, minimising asset and playlist vetting processes to reduce human errors and improve channel quality though that.

Having started testing waters with some of its European channels, ITB moved to launch 6 HD channels destined to VTV the national television broadcaster of Vietnam. All channels feature rich animated and dynamic graphics, subtitles, multiple audio tracks and SCTE-35 triggers for ad insertion downstream.

ITB managed to integrate it’s MCR monitoring system to read the status of playouts using Veset Nimbus REST API and thus effectively reducing the broadcast operation overhead. After the launch, Veset had developed a number of features specifically designed for ITB (but now available to all Veset Nimbus platform subscribers), which in term deliver a further reduction in complexity and costs of operating playouts.

Integration with Zixi allowed for easy and cost-efficient delivery of feeds to end customers / ITB’s distribution network.


Veset Nimbus delivered a playout platform which allows ITB to successfully compete in a challenging linear TV market finding interesting opportunities around the world and delivering high-quality channels.

Integration costs and time spent on launching channels was minimal and uncomparable if channels were launched using traditional playout systems. Furthermore, ITB does not face risks associated with the investment in playouts.

Use of Zixi IP delivery in combination with Veset Nimbus delivered further cost savings in delivering channels as far as Vietnam.



The InTheBox.TV (“ITB”) is an Eastern European broadcaster with a portfolio of a dozen TV thematic channels covering various audience niches, from documentaries, talk shows, inspiring TV series, fitness, music, science, nature and wildlife.


  • Flexible use of computing resources
  • Multi-cloud deployment support
  • Align costs with revenues no upfront investment
  • Cost efficiency
  • Global delivery

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