Latvian National Education Platform

Latvian National Education Platform

Latvian National Education Platform

Tava Klase (“Your Classroom”) is an education platform created by the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science (MES) in response to quarantine measures and closure of schools in Latvia during COVID-19 outbreak. As part of the project, MES engaged Veset, Telia and two Latvian TV broadcasters ( and Re:TV) to create content and broadcast two dedicated national educational channels for school children for terrestrial free-to-air distribution complemented by web-based OTT portal


Quick and efficient channel setup
High quality output for traditional and OTT distribution
Cost efficiency
Scheduling functionality

Telia Latvija used Veset Nimbus cloud based playout platform to create and manage Tave Klase education channels and create output linear streams for both traditional and OTT distribution. The initial concerns regarding high costs and long lead times traditionally associated with legacy broadcast were overcome as Telia and Veset demonstrated how such channels can go on air within days using cloud technologies.

Veset provided cloud-based playout technologies, Telia Latvija – cloud, network and content delivery network capacities, and Re:TV – part of their air-time as well as filming crews to shoot videos of classes.

Playout features

Language tracks
Terrestrial CDN OTT
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