Temporary channels & (scheduled) live broadcast


From time to time the city of Riga hosts a variety of sports and cultural experiences such as the Riga City Marathon, the 360 TV Opera and TEDx Riga amongst others. In order to engage broader audiences the organisers and Lattelecom wanted to bring these unique experiences to the comfort Latvians’ homes by creating event specific TV channels. These temporary 24/7 pop-up TV channels contain predominantly non-live content with limited elements of scheduled live programming. The telecom and cable operator found that the cost of televising these one-off channels was quite prohibitive due to the cost of infrastructure hardware to run the channel just for the duration of the event. The customer was averse to spending large sums on hardware to create TV channels that would air only for a few months of the year. It required a solution that would enable the creation of pop-up channels, quickly, cheaply and easily.


A leading Latvian triple play operator identified Veset’s cloud based playout solution, Veset Nimbus, as a means of creating channels quickly and cheaply. Veset Nimbus did not require any direct or indirect investments in hardware and was able to ingest a small library of assets in a matter of hours. It came fully equipped with powerful graphics and audio functionality that was incredibly easy to use. Moreover, Veset Nimbus was able to deliver scheduled live playout (SDI live / IP live RTMP/RTSP/UDP) as required. A leading Latvian triple play operator provided its own cloud infrastructure to run Veset’s playout servers making it attractive financially and operationally. Veset Nimbus output various quality streams via IP (UDP) to the cable operator’s head-end infrastructure from where it was able to broadcast the streams as needed.


With no initial hardware costs to bear and a monthly/pay-as-you-go scheme, the operator was able to use Veset to keep costs down. It was able to realise its vision of bringing culture and entertainment to households in real time. In doing so it has been able to engage a greater number of viewers in newer ways. By being able to create and operate temporary channels as and when required, and in just a matter of hours, the cable operator can now enhance its revenue stream by catering to the audiences for live and special occasions. It is also able to differentiate and offer a more valuable experience to its exiting subscribers as well as promote its own cable and IP TV platform.


TEDx Riga

One of the leading triple play telecom operators in Latvia operates its own cable, IPTV and CDN platforms. Not only does it provide mobile and wireless telephony across Latvia, but it has also implemented culture, education, sports and social responsibility initiatives to enhance the quality of life in the country. It has brought technological innovation to a variety of local cultural events such as the Positivus Music Festival, the National Opera, the Riga Marathon and Latvia Connect in an effort to enhance connectivity and entertainment for the citizens of Latvia. The company actively promotes national culture by creating temporary television channels to televise local cultural events.


  • Flexibility
  • Short time period in production mode (less than few weeks)
  • Zero playout hardware investment
  • Can accomomodate simple playlist editor without 3rd party scheduling systems

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