100% IP and full cloud deployment


Prior to moving to Veset, TV21 relied on playout services that were provided by an established provider of fixed satellite and media services in Eastern Europe. TV21 found that the services and workflows in this arrangement were too inflexible and inefficient. For example, TV21 were expected to deliver content to the provider in the form of DVDs sent via post. Once assets were received, the provider was often unable to process the DVDs for immediate broadcast, resulting resulted in a great deal of down time on air. Furthermore the provider was only able to utilise MPEG2 encoding resulting in a lower overall quality of the TV channel. TV21 wanted to move to a newer infrastructure that would reduce or even eliminate manual processes and also improve the channel’s technical quality.


Veset completely redesigned TV21’s playout architecture transforming it into an entirely IP and file based system, thus removing any dependence on manual processes. TV21’s entire playout system, from playlist management, media aggregation, graphics overlays, to transport and monitoring, was fully migrated to the cloud, allowing the playout operation to take place in a matter of minutes. Veset introduced MPEG4 encoding and enabled TV21 to upgrade the channel from SD to HD. In addition, Veset’s solution provided a high level of redundancy via its 1+1 playout architecture. Veset’s playout software is installed on virtual servers in two independent geographically separated cloud instances and operated by two different cloud operators. The playout generates two UDP streams which are separately delivered to the broadcaster’s satellite teleport via the Internet. In the teleport (which only has an ASI infrastructure) the two streams are re-encapsulated in ASI and output through an ASI watchdog device. In the event one of the video streams fails, the backup stream is automatically and instantly switched to output, thus providing redundancy.


In delivering IP-based efficiencies, Veset Nimbus has substantially increased the video quality of TV21 and has opened up the possibility for future channel improvements such as higher resolutions, newer codecs etc. The move to automation has also freed up the broadcaster’s resources to focus on more productive and strategic areas. Furthermore, Veset has reduced the overall operational costs by providing built-in redundancy at no extra charge.



Riga-based TV21 is an established movies and entertainment channel which has been in operation for the past 15 years. It airs European and Hollywood movies broadcast over 5 satellites to 15 countries and rebroadcast by 600 cable networks to reach an audience of 200 million viewers across Eastern Europe.


  • Future proof playout
  • Low cost
  • Reliability
  • Access

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