XITE Networks International

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XITE Networks International

XITE Networks International

XITE Networks International (“Xite”) is a music television company founded in the Netherlands. Xite’s music television channel launched in 2008 and is distributed to 15+ million households in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Qatar, Canada, and the United States.


Ease of Integration
Compatibility with different platforms

XITE was looking for an agile cloud-based playout which would allow it to offer linear channel content in combination with its interactive on-demand offering. Originally XITE launched 3 channels in 2018 which it delivered to Fubo TV in the US and then in 2019 it added its Belgian channel delivered to Telenet, the leading Belgian cable and broadband operator. XITE is using its in-house scheduling and other parts of the workflow to operate Veset Nimbus through APIs, which enabled it to facilitate the workflows of managing linear channels. It operates fully cloud based solution from Telia cloud and uses Zixi to deliver them to distribution platforms.

Playout features

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