XITE Networks International

Cost effective global expansion


Xite was looking to expand its presence in the US and globally without investing in playout hardware and taking risks of long-term commitments. It was looking to deliver to OTT platform Fubo which uses services of iStreamPlanet leveraging its entirely IP-based infrastructure.


After running a POC process, Xite TV team has chosen Veset Nimbus as the best platform for delivering its three new channels destined to Fubo. Xite team fully appreciated the potential of scaling up its linear channel offering with Veset Nimbus as it further develops its international presence. Veset Nimbus would also allow Xite to easily replace its existing playouts over time and reduce the total operational costs of running incremental channels.

Xite decided to deploy its Veset Nimbus in the Telia cloud based on the results of their internal cost-benefit analysis. Vest Nimbus is currently running natively on AWS and Telia Cloud.

It also evaluated two options of redundancy “hot” and “warm” backup available on Veset Nimbus platform. Hot offers the highest level of SLA and entails running of two active playouts all the time, whereas warm back up is in the standby mode and reduces costs with a minimal reduction in SLA. Xite decided to go for warm back up hosted in AWS, which has become the most popular option for the majority of Veset’s clients since its introduction in 2017.

Xite has easily integrated Veset Nimbus with its in-house scheduling systems on API level using straightforward REST API provided by Veset’s platform and was able to launch three channels within a month of preparatory work. Rich dynamic graphics powered by metadata from MAM were used to show the artist and title of the current and next video clips. SCTE-35 triggers were added and successfully integrated by Fubo to enable accurate ad insertion. From now on Xite is able to add new channels within a matter of hours once the content and playlists are available.

Delivery of new feeds is arranged by Zixi, which is integrated into Veset Nimbus and has its receiving hub in iStreamPlanet infrastructure. Therefore, no hardware is required anywhere in the process of orientation and delivery of Xite’s channels via Veset Nimbus.


Having adopted Veset Nimbus as its linear origination platform Xite is ready to take advantage of new opportunities quickly and originate linear channels targeting specific audiences in a flexible and cost-efficient way. Veset charges a monthly subscription which is cancellable with a 30 days notice allowing Xite management to experiment with new formats on linear and enter new geographies without committing to expensive and cumbersome long-term contacts and infrastructure.

XITE Networks International

XITE Networks International

XITE Networks International (“Xite”) is a music television company founded in the Netherlands. Xite’s music television channel launched in 2008 and is distributed to 15+ million households in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Qatar, Canada, and the United States.


  • Quick time to air
  • No capex and no commitments
  • Cost efficiency
  • OTT compatibility
  • Scalability

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