DaVinci Learning launches channel using cloud playout in Turkey

DaVinci Learning sought a cost-efficient playout solution to deliver a localised version of its channel to a satellite uplink for distribution in Turkey. The key objective was to achieve cost efficiencies but at the same time ensure a robust playout solution with multi-layered dynamic graphics. Originally DaVinci was concerned about IP delivery to Turkey from AWS in Frankfurt. It opted for an edge architecture but over time switched to a hybrid solution with one full cloud and one edge backup playout in the headend.

Playout features

Language tracks
Animated, Bug
Live events

Berlin-based Da Vinci Learning is an innovative and unique educational television channel that aims to bring curious minds of all ages together to celebrate the lifelong journey of learning. Reaching millions of viewers around the world, Da Vinci Learning is broadcast in 16 localised versions across over 100 territories. Da Vinci Learning is offered under our parent company, Da Vinci Media, a dedicated and international team responsible for promoting Da Vinci Learning and inspiring a love of learning in our markets through exciting events, partnerships, and campaigns.


Future proof playout
Low cost
Multiple live inputs support
API support
Twitch integration
Cost efficiency
Quick and easy deployment
Intuitive scheduling

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