Hi! Sports

Currently the channel is delivering soccer, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, hockey, and wrestling content, with a focus on providing a platform for the less favoured events. It is looking to expand to other sports, such as boxing and national events, as well as aiming to secure some international sports coverage.

Hi! Sports was launched in just a few months by a team of 30 enthusiasts. It is available around 10 hours a day during the week and between 12 to 14 hours at weekends. It delivers a mix of live sports coverage, replays, and sports entertainment.

The channel origination and management is handled by Veset Nimbus, our enterprise-grade cloud playout solution. Fully cloud-based on Amazon WebServices, Nimbus allows for fast and flexible self-management of the channel.

Salvador Garcia, Director of Operations of Hi! Sports, commented: "We launched Hi! Sports TV because we felt the sports broadcast market is in desperate need of rejuvenation. We wanted to go beyond traditional sports broadcasting to reach a broader range of sports fans. Thanks to Veset Nimbus, we have been able to quickly launch a professional channel that gives airtime to sports coverage that can be often overlooked.”


Playout features

Language tracks
Live events

Launched in January 2022, Hi! Sports is a Mexican TV sports channel looking to shake up sports broadcasting. Initially available on Totalplay (EPG channel 517), it is delivering around 70 hours of fresh sports content a week with a mix of live sports coverage, replays, and sports entertainment.


  • Fast launch
  • Extensive self control over product
  • Multiple live inputs/events management capabilities
  • Dynamic and last minute changes
  • Excellent training and support
Multiple live inputs support
API support
Twitch integration
Cost efficiency
Quick and easy deployment
Intuitive scheduling

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