PLAY leverages Veset cloud playout platform in Japan

PLAY is developing its product KRONOS to strengthen our position by offering a broadcast-grade solution for linear television. It decided to leverage Veset and build its KRONOS product by utilising Veset Nimbus linear channel management platform through API. In particular it was looking to utilise SCTE35 capabilities of Veset Nimbus cloud playout. KRONOS has its own UI for the Japanese customers and further additional capabilities but shares core cloud playout capabilities of Veset Nimbus.

Playout features

Language tracks
Live events

PLAY is a leading media technology company in Japan and a subsidiary of Nippon TV. PLAY is focused on digital transformation in the media and entertainment industry by developing and offering innovative video distribution services. PLAY has integrated Veset’s platform into KRONOS, its own groundbreaking cloud playout service designed for the Japanese market. PLAY is the leader in the OTT technology market and offers a wide range of services such as OVP (online video platform) and CMS (content management system) to the leading Japanese content owners and distributors.


No need to develop own product from scratch

Leverage Veset's expertise in cloud playout

Enhance capabilities of its product range fast

Multiple live inputs support
API support
Twitch integration
Cost efficiency
Quick and easy deployment
Intuitive scheduling

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