SABA broadcasts from safety of the AWS-based playout

In July 2020, SABA contacted Veset and did extensive testing of Nimbus cloud playout platform. SABA was already operating their channel in the cloud, but they were looking for more extensive functionality including support for live as well as lower and more predictable cost structure.

Upon successful POC, SABA moved its channel to production on Nimbus in September. The channel infrastructure is fully cloud-based in AWS. Channel feed is delivered to a satellite headend in Jordan using Veset’s native support for AWS MediaConnect.

Playout features

Language tracks
Bug, Lower Third
Live events

SABA was a cultural, social and not-for-profit organisation which was established to facilitate the development of capacities and sustainability of the free media initiatives in Afghanistan. SABA assists in the sustainable development of Afghan society through awareness raising and education of Afghan citizens for creating a society with peace, solidarity, and stability. Unfortunately after takeover by Taliban had to be shit down but Veset is very proud and honoured to have supported that channel in 2020-21.


Cost efficiency
Quick and easy deployment
Scheduling functionality
Extensive feature list (live, graphics and subtitles)
Compatibility with traditional distribution
Multiple live inputs support
API support
Twitch integration
Cost efficiency
Quick and easy deployment
Intuitive scheduling

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