Suite Spot leverages Nimbus cloud platform for global live conference streaming

SuiteSpot was tasked with launching a number of channels for a leading NYSE-listed cloud communications corporation. The channels needed to cover various live sessions throughout a three-day conference meaning a solution was needed that could easily scale-up and scale-down per requirements. Suite Spot wanted a solution that could respond to last minute changes and could scale from 3 channels on day one, to 8 channels on day two, and scale down to 8 on day 3 to cover different live sessions.

Knowing it wanted an easy-to-use self-service SaaS platform, Suite Spot approached Veset in September 2021 after learning about its advanced channel management product, Veset Nimbus. Suite Spot quickly understood the capabilities and benefits of the solution and was able to prepare and set up channels in just a few days ready for the conference launch.

With its intuitive and user-friendly platform, Veset Nimbus enabled Suite Spot to manage multiple linear channels with different live event switching in a complex and fast paced environment. 

Victor Cerejo, Lead Technical Producer at Suite Spot commented: “Veset Nimbus is a great tool to run live channels. The ability to scale up and down and pay per day has been very useful for us and in line with our needs when we manage live event driven streams, such as we did during this conference. We look forward to using Veset on future events”.

Playout features

Language tracks
Live events
Multiple live streams

Founded in 2004 by two University friends, Suite Spot today is a state-of-the-artproduction company with offices in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.With vast knowledge and experience in live stream events, Suite Spot works withclients across the US as a one-stop-shop for developing and producing originaland branded content.


  • Scale number of live channels fast
  • Combine multiple live event streams
  • Easy to manage from anywhere
  • Fast adoption and UI
Multiple live inputs support
API support
Twitch integration
Cost efficiency
Quick and easy deployment
Intuitive scheduling

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