Triton Poker Series

Large-Scale Streaming

In addition to live streaming its poker tour, Triton Poker Series has added a 24/7 YouTube channel and a pop-up channel for re-streaming content during tournaments, offering a dynamic mix of live poker events and recorded shows for poker enthusiasts. Triton Poker Series wanted to use a platform that could leverage high-quality content delivery, master the advanced features of cloud playout, support flexible approaches to streaming and easily create and schedule new channels. This is when Triton Poker Series discovered Veset Nimbus.


The Technical Part

At the heart of it, this project had one aim; and that was to deliver a large-scale stream in real time to YouTube and several other content channels, allowing for fans globally to enjoy live and pre-recorded tournaments. The streaming workflow needed to run consistently and reliably, covering the live tournaments when they happen and filling in the schedule with pre-recorded footage in-between.

On a technical level, this project incorporated a live signal sent using Secure Reliable Transport (SRT), ensuring low latency and high-quality video streaming. By integrating Veset Nimbus into this streaming scenario, Triton Poker Series can now deliver high-quality, engaging content to a global audience, enhancing their brand presence in the competitive poker market.

Veset Nimbus supports advanced features such as scheduling, media asset management and graphic overlays, all of which are essential for dynamic and engaging broadcasts like those provided by Triton Poker Series.


A Brighter, Higher-Quality Future

In the gaming space, particularly live gaming, high-quality, high-resolution and well managed content is critical. Content that is streamed live, whether it be gaming, sports or events, must have the right support. It is essential when dealing with live tournaments that the platform can deal with live scheduling, well supported MAM capabilities and flexibility at every turn.Without these benefits, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to deliver the highest quality of content to your viewers. With the integration of the right cloud playout platform into its workflow, Triton Poker Series can continue to leverage and develop its streaming workflow to potentially support more channels, more fans and even more tournaments.

Playout features

Language tracks
Live events

Since 2016, Triton Poker Series has become renowned for hosting high-stakes poker tournaments worldwide, attracting top players and thousands of fans, making it a very popular and well-known esport. Triton Poker Series has consistently produced and managed engaging tournaments, featuring a host of leading industry partners that attract all manner of fans.


Cost efficiency: leveraging cloud-based infrastructure reduces operational costs.

Scalability: easily scalable to accommodate growing audience demands.

Quick Deployment: the intuitive interface allows for rapid setup and deployment.

Flexibility: compatible with various distribution platforms and devices.

Super quick launch for pop-up channels: Good for tournaments.

Multiple live inputs support
API support
Twitch integration
Cost efficiency
Quick and easy deployment
Intuitive scheduling

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