Further expansion of InTheBox.TV and FashionTV with Veset

January 25, 2018

Further expansion of InTheBox.TV and FashionTV with Veset

After the successful and smooth launch of Planet Earth, InTheBOX.TV has launched Dr. Fit, a channel about healthy lifestyle bringing the experts’ advice on wellness, cooking, nutrition and fitness and Woman, a thematic channel for women about health, shopping, fashion, celebrities lifestyle and much more. InTheBOX.TV has ambitious plans for the future which are easily implementable with Veset’s flexible and professional cloud playout.

Being Veset’s customers for nearly four years, FashionTV continues their growth with Veset’s pioneering cloud-based playout and has added more channels in Russia and the Middle East.

Veset’s pay-as-you-go, self-service and all-in-one playout provides its customers with a quick, efficient and economical way of launching new TV channels or migrating away from cumbersome traditional hardware-based solutions.

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