Veset Adds New Features to Veset Nimbus Cloud Playout Solution

April 25, 2023

Veset Adds New Features to Veset Nimbus Cloud Playout Solution

Improved User Experience for Creation, Management, and Delivery of Linear Channels

Riga, 25th April 2023 -  Veset has released new features to further develop and enhance Veset Nimbus, its cloud playout solution. The new features improve user experience by making it easier for Veset Nimbus users to create, manage and deliver high-quality linear channels.

Veset Nimbus is a feature rich SaaS cloud playout solution that enables advanced linear channel management. It enables broadcasters, media content owners and service providers to create professional linear TV channels and deliver them to any television distribution platform from OTT to satellite.

Users now have more choice and control over subtitle management because subtitles can be burnt into video stream for playout output. Playlist management has been improved by adding a filter that filters playlists by date. This will let broadcasters organise a large number of playlists that span over weeks, or months. Focus mode has been added to the graphics editor enabling a specific group of images to be displayed while other images are hidden. This will be particularly beneficial to users with a large number of graphics objects.  

The custom clock functionality allows customers operating in multiple time zones to add and view clocks from different time zones simultaneously. Veset Nimbus has migrated UI components to a new framework (React) which will result in faster load times and better stability, improving user experience. Veset also recently announced the addition of Dolby audio enabling users to create linear channels with high quality audio.

Gatis Gailis, CEO, Veset, commented: “Broadcasters and content owners are under increasing pressure to deliver huge volumes of high-quality content to audiences. To support our customers to do this, we’re continually updating our cloud playout solution by improving user experience and adding new features and functionality that make it easier to manage and deliver high-quality linear channels.”

To book a Veset Nimbus demonstration, contact Veset.

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