New updates to Veset Nimbus expand ad, channel branding and viewership capabilities

June 9, 2022

New updates to Veset Nimbus expand ad, channel branding and viewership capabilities

London, 9th June 2022 –Veset has announced a range of new features for Veset Nimbus, its advanced linear TV channel management platform. The new updates make it easier to brand channels and monetise through ads.  

Veset has been providing professional software-as-a-service cloud playout solutions since 2011, granting content owners easy creation and scheduling of their linear TV channels. Veset’s all in one cloud playout platform allows content owners to get around costly hardware investments, whilst still being able to deliver high quality video streams over IP.

New Permanent Channel Branding options allow broadcasters to define a bug/logo that appears at all times during channel playout. This will let broadcasters to easily keep their brand or message present on screen for viewers to see throughout playout.

Improving monetisation opportunities through ad implementation has now been streamlined for Nimbus users, with the addition of the latest updates. Users are able to create ad-break place holders of pre-set durations and automatically insert them between video segments in a playlist, making it more time efficient than manually inserting each one. Multiple events in a playlist can now quickly and easily have SCTE on and off triggers added or removed as needed, thanks to the addition of bulk SCTE trigger actions.

Nimbus users can stream playouts in portrait modes such as 9:16, optimising footage for viewing on mobile phone screens. This is a principal step in reaching and maintaining viewership of the large and growing number of people viewing content on mobile.

David Thompson, Chief Product Officer, Veset, commented: “With more and more users now choosing to view content on mobile and expecting studio quality production, it is now more important than ever that playout is offered in a smooth, polished and convenient way. At the same time, video content providers need to be able to easily and efficiently monetise their content across platforms. These updates are aimed at making that easy for any content provider.”

More features of this update include support for Main Concept encoding, in addition to X265,  for HEVC distribution and direct support for URLs for live event feeds in a playlist. Nimbus users will no longer have to create a new live input source when adding URLs to live event feeds whilst now having access to faster 4K and 8K processing in high codec quality.

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