4 Reasons Why You Need To Meet Veset at NAB 2024

This year’s NAB Show is being held in sunny Las Vegas, and we’re so excited to be attending! It’s going to be a blast, and we are looking forward to catching up with the broadcast and media industry on the latest and greatest from everyone.

We can’t wait to meet you all for a chat about our cloud playout platform, Nimbus, as well as our newly released in-video advertising solution, AdWise. We’ll be hosting demos and meetings at our booth, and we encourage you to come along and take a look as well as ask any questions you might have.

The talented team will be at our booth, W3224, ready to host you and discuss everything Veset has to offer. Here’s just a handful of the things you can expect when you come to visit Veset at our booth during NAB LV. You can book a meeting with Veset and discover more here.

1 Explore A Wealth of Industry Experience

Veset has worked with a wealth of industry professionals from across the media and entertainment industry, providing an innovative approach to cloud playout and changing the game for broadcasters and media providers everywhere.

Recently, Veset has partnered with Media Capital to expand its media offerings and set the dream in motion by implementing FAST channel capabilities. Media Capital originally reached out to Veset with the intention of developing a user-friendly yet sophisticated SaaS (software as a service) solution, for which Veset Nimbus was the perfect solution. By applying over a decade of experience and working closely in partnership with Media Capital, Veset were able to provide a seamless transition into FAST using built-in Nimbus features and a unique, company-focused approach to the problem. Some features of the solution include automated scheduling, MAM (Media Asset Management) and integration with MediaCapital’s existing platform for a customised and specialised approach.

To read more about Veset’s industry experience, and explore its journey with Media Capital, visit the use cases column on the website.

The Veset team will host a demo of Nimbus on 15th April, from 3.00pm - 4.00pm at our booth W3224.

2 Learn About Saving Costs with Cloud Playout

Cloud playout is a game changer for cost savings amongst the broadcast and media industry, providing more opportunities than ever before for streamlining workflows and increasing productivity. One major takeaway that has come to light in the flourishing of remote companies is the reduced requirements for office space and on-prem equipment. With fewer team members and entire companies working in a single office space, this provides an opportunity for media companies to re-purpose their budgets, space and resources into an entirely technical and cloud-playout based workflow. The rise of tech stack modernisation allows for companies to ditch the on-prem workflow and embrace the choice of hosting workflows entirely over the cloud. Cloud playout not only allows for more resources, space and time to be repurposed for better uses, but it has also been shown to significantly improve efficiency when it comes to hosting multiple FAST channels with one workflow. When it comes to saving money with cloud playout, Veset is here to help answer your queries and questions. It has never been easier for media companies and broadcasters to reduce their physical real-estate footprints and explore cloud-based opportunities for their workflows.

At NAB LV, Veset will be answering the ever-present question of cost saving and workflow efficiency with demonstrations of Veset Nimbus, the all-in-one cloud playout solution, and Veset AdWise, the newly launched in-video advertising solution for advertisers and media providers alike.

3 Discover The Future of Ad Tech and In-Video Ad Insertion

This year saw the release ofVeset AdWise, the new in-video advertising solution for media providers and advertisers in the broadcast and media industry. The launch of AdWise has been astronomical for Veset, with the product being amongst the first to explore ad-tech and in-video ad insertion in depth amongst the broadcast and media industry. Veset believes that the future of ad-tech is based primarily on in-video applications, with contextual advertising taking a front seat in the success of advertisers and content-related advertisements going forward. With the changes that have already been made to ad-tech in the industry, such as alterations to third party cookies and data protection laws, change is coming. Veset AdWise provides a peek into the future of ad-tech and looks ahead at an industry revolving around ad-tech and increasing opportunities for in-video ad insertion.

At NAB LV, the Veset team will betaking a deep dive into the future of ad-tech and in-video ad insertion, hosting demonstrations of AdWise and answering the questions of the industry once and for all.  

The Veset team will host a demo of AdWise on 16th April, from 3.00pm - 4.00pm at our booth W3224. 

4 Exclusive Demos of Nimbus and AdWise

The excitement for NAB LV is high this year, with so many new projects and solutions underway across the broadcast and media industry. Veset are sitting front and centre with new, exclusive demos of its flagship product, Veset Nimbus, and the highly anticipated in-video advertising solution, Veset AdWise.

Live at the Veset booth, W3224, there will be demonstrations of Veset Nimbus and its flagship features, including: ingest capabilities, MAM, automated scheduling, channel management, playout efficiency, a built-in IP multi-viewer and more. For the first time ever, the Veset team will also be demonstrating Veset AdWise, including customisable and specialised features such as seamlessly integrated ad insertion, picture-in-picture advertising capabilities, instantly updated ad content, ad format flexibility and more.

To book a meeting with Veset at its booth during NAB LV, simply visit the event calendar and pick a time and date that suits you. We can’t wait to see you there.

NAB LV is going to be the ideal opportunity to meet us in person, grab a coffee and see our team face-to-face.We would love to discuss everything about your cloud playout workflow, from content management, cost savings, efficiency and much more.

Whatever it is you might need, or whatever you are interested in, we’ll be attending NAB LV and be ready to answer your questions. Make sure you book a meeting to chat with our talented team before it’s too late!

See you there, and happy travels!

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