How Better Channel Management Can Help You to Expand Your OTT Distribution

At a time when operators have had to adapt how they distribute content to meet consumers’ needs, cloud playout has rewritten the rules for media distribution. Not only does cloud playout allow broadcasters to deliver linear and OTT content more efficiently, it also enables them to quickly and easily launch pop up channels and update or close existing ones. This ability to rapidly respond to changing market and user needs makes cloud playout a flexible and scalable option for channel management. 

Over the last decade, the broadcasting industry has seen media organisations adapt their content distribution strategies to pursue a more multi-pronged linear channel distribution approach. With the growth of OTT channels, operations have become more complex. Broadcasters now require advanced distribution methods which can handle various levels of complexity, from simple OTT playout to complex (broadcast enterprise grade) linear playout.  

Veset’s playout solutions deliver on all fronts. Veset Nimbus is a cloud playout platform for advanced channel management that is quick, efficient, and economical. A more simplified linear channel management platform is also provided in the form of Veset Stratus.  

The road to OTT linear distribution 

Anthem Sports and Entertainment, Inc. (Anthem), a global multi-platform media company, wanted to expand its digital reach for its core brands, namely IMPACT Wrestling, Fight Network and AXS TV. Having already established a strong broadcasting presence via cable, satellite and telco, in North America, it wanted to transition to OTT linear distribution to simplify the management of its channel operations. 

Anthem also wanted to retain commercial flexibility to monetise its channels. Instead of being locked with one SSAI and monetisation partner combined with playout, it wanted the option to leverage direct-to-consumer subscription and FAST ad-supported models with different monetisation options on various FAST platforms.  

Helping customers achieve their goals 

To help Anthem meets its targets, Veset combined its Stratus and Nimbus products into a playout platform which seamlessly integrates with dotstudioPRO CMS. This allows sharing of VOD content and metadata for linear channel scheduling. Veset cloud playout not only delivers HLS feeds and EPG to OTT platforms but also delivers to traditional distribution using AWS Elemental MediaConnect and LTN Global.  

Using the Veset cloud playout system, along with dotstudioPRO CMS and its direct-to-consumer App SDKs, Anthem was able to successfully expand its reach while retaining commercial flexibility. Its digital offerings are now available on multiple popular FAST and AVOD platforms. DotstudioPRO was used to build Anthem’s subscription-based OTT network on different channels with a hybrid model of ads and ad free channels providing premium VOD content with 275K app installations.

From sports and entertainment to fashion and lifestyle

Veset provides solutions to broadcast customers who specialise in a range of interests, from Anthem Sports and Entertainment to FashionTV, a TV equivalent to fashion print media.

Launched in Paris, Europe’s fashion capital, FashionTV’s initial strategy was to obtain a global dominance of the fashion-broadcasting sector. Within the first 10 years of its existence, FashionTV swiftly expanded towards the east. Having established its presence in some of the world’s most populated countries like China and India, it wanted to expand its linear digital distribution to multiple OTT platforms across Europe and the US. To do this, it used Veset Nimbus to create channels that are then delivered globally to satellite operators for distribution. FashionTV is also working with a number of leading OTT platforms to further expand its reach. These include, Samsung TV Plus, Rakuten, Xiaomi, LG Channels Plus, PlutoTV, Jio, MXPlayer, SonyLiv, and ErosNow.

Whatever your use case, Veset can support you by providing a quick, efficient, and economical way of managing linear and live TV channels.

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