The Not-so-Distant Future of Media Workflows

As we move forward at high speed into the cloud era, media companies are no longer simply contemplating whether or not to adopt cloud working. Instead, the decision is more about whether to dive in and fully embrace it, or whether to take a slower more gradual approach. It’s become increasingly clear that a refusal to adopt any kind of cloud-based infrastructure will basically be a lethal blow for any media organisation, maybe not straight away but certainly in the medium to long term. 

Expensive, on-premise equipment may well be doing the job that it was purchased to do right now, but for how much longer will that be the case? There is simply no way that existing hardware can compete with next-gen cloud workflows that allow for scalable, flexible, efficient and cost-effective working. Cloud based content delivery supply chains are simply a better and less expensive way to operate.  

Dronyc recently published a whitepaper, with input from Veset, along with Amazon Web Services, Knox Media Hub, and Venera Technologies: 'Media Workflows: Moving to the Cloud’.  

As is clear from the paper, cloud services present opportunities for media organisations to develop, improve, and monetise on a level not seen before. For those businesses unable to jump fully into cloud-based infrastructure, perhaps because they have recently invested inon-premises equipment, there is another way: hybrid cloud architecture.  Using elements from the cloud in conjunction with existing hardware allows for the design of a future cloud system chunk by chunk. The highly flexible nature of cloud-based systems makes it possible to build in cloud services, such as playout, gradually and relatively painlessly.   

When faced with the choice of either getting ahead or stagnating, what are you going to choose?

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