How to Create a Linear TV Channel

As the TV and video landscape has evolved, it has created both challenges and opportunities for linear TV operators. The increasingly competitive and fast-moving environment has led broadcasters to review how they operate linear TV channels, from channel creation, through to playout. Shifts in viewing behaviour and technological advances have created opportunities to deliver mainstream and niche channels and content to new audiences and regions. There is, however, a real need to develop and launch new linear channels quickly, so that audiences can be targeted when interest is high.

There are a number of important factors to consider when creating a linear channel, such as who the target audience is, what type of content is available and how much content there is. These factors will help to determine what kind of business model to adopt and what distribution platform is most suitable. Next, it’s time to consider graphics, scheduling, and playlists.  

With research, planning, and with the right infrastructure in place, you can ensure that your channel is engaging, competitive, and quick to launch. This whitepaper explains in a straight forward, step by step guide, how to quickly develop and launch a linear TV channel.

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