How to launch ad-supported Twitch linear channel with Veset Nimbus


The ability to stream to multiple third party live streaming platforms is key and a great way to expand your audience. Twitch is the home for creators streaming video games, music, sport and other creative content. After listening to feedback from clients we decided to add the ability to integrate Veset Nimbus with Twitch directly. The process also needed to include the ability to trigger Twitch commercials and modify channel information easily from events in the schedule.

Steps to broadcast and integrate with Twitch
1. First we will link our Channel to our Twitch account as follows.

Navigate to the Channels tab in Nimbus and find the Channel you would like to link to Twitch. Using the menu select “Integrate with Twitch”.

This will take you to the login page. Now login using your Twitch username and password.

Once you have logged in successfully you will be taken back to Nimbus and you will notice a Twitch icon has now appeared on the left of your channel. This confirms that the channel is now linked with your Twitch account as per the screenshot below.

2. Next we will configure our Output in Nimbus to send to Twitch.

First you will need to obtain streaming configuration details from Twitch so you know where to send your stream.

In Twitch you need to navigate to Settings then select Channels and Videos. Then select Stream under Settings. At the top you will see a Primary Stream Key. You will need to click on Show button and then take a copy of this key. You will need it later.

When you are sending your stream to Twitch you can select a specific endpoint. For example if you are based in London you may wish to stream to a London based endpoint for the best quality stream. You can find the available Twitch endpoints at

Now that we have our Twitch endpoint and unique stream key we can configure an output in Nimbus. In this example we will be using the first endpoint based in London.

Now in Nimbus we need to navigate to Playouts tab. Then find the playout that is linked to the channel you would like to broadcast to Twitch. From the playout menu you then need to select Output.

We will add a new Output called Twitch selecting RTMP Client as the Protocol as follows

For Host we will copy the Twitch endpoint - rtmp://

For Key will we paste in the unique stream key that we took a note of earlier. You can customise the stream as you wish as regards to bitrate, resolution etc. There are some recommendations provided by Twitch here

Once you are done click on the Save button in the bottom right hand corner. An output will now be sent to Twitch whenever you have content playing on your channel.

You can test this yourself by scheduling some content on your channel, then checking your Twitch channel to ensure this is playing out live.

Now we have configured our output to Twitch and linked our channel we also have the ability to send Twitch events directly from our playlist.

3. Send Twitch events to update Channel info or trigger ads

In Veset Nimbus first navigate to Playlists tab and select a playlist. Click on the pencil icon to edit a particular event when you want to trigger a commercial or change Twitch channel info.

Now click on Twitch Commands on the left hand side.

You can either have the trigger fire at the start or end of the event. If you want to trigger in the middle of the event you simply change the offset value so it is fired later.

You have a choice of two trigger commands:

  1. Start commercial
  2. Modify channel info


Note that you will need to already have an agreement with Twitch setup as regards to commercials. When scheduling commercials you should have filler content in your playlist for the same time period. For example if the commercial was 1 minute you would schedule a one minute video asset.

  1. Select if you want Commercial from Start or End of the event.
  2. Select if there is an offset
  3. Select the duration of the commercial from the Duration dropdown. 30 seconds is the shortest option.

Nimbus will send a trigger to Twitch and a commercial will be played for this period of time.

Modify Channel Info

You have the ability to change your Twitch channel title and Game ID by sending a trigger from Nimbus. For example if you play a new live event you could change the Twitch title to “Live Show”. Twitch defines Game ID’s that are linked to specific games. You can find out more information here

In our example we are changing Title to Test changing title and game ID to 555.

After the command is triggered you can see the Twitch Title and Game ID have changed (in purple under the title)


Integration with Twitch is straightforward from Nimbus as you have seen today. We have the flexibility to send to multiple platforms so you can focus on what matters best, managing your channel. Veset Nimbus has you covered for all your live streaming needs in the future.

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