How to Maximize the Cloud without Throwing out Existing Hardware

It is well known that operating video workflows from the cloud can bring many benefits, such as efficiencies, flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. However, if you have already invested heavily in your existing hardware infrastructure, completely removing and replacing it may be difficult to justify, particularly if it is still meeting your needs. So how do you transition your video operation to the cloud with minimal disruption and cost, and without compromising on quality?

Although the greatest benefits are to be gained from operating an entirely cloud based workflow, this may not be the right choice for all businesses. It may require a reimagining of media workflows, but it is possible to adopt a hybrid cloud/on-premises model so you can halt the spend on new hardware while you start to realize the benefits of the cloud. When decidingwhether a partial or fully cloud-based infrastructure is right for yourcompany, there are a number of key factors that need to be considered. How established your business is, what stage of life your hardware is at, and whether your hardware is able to cope with next-generation workflows will all help to inform your decision. The key to incorporating cloud services into a workflow is ensuring that the services or solutions are seamlessly integrated into all existing parts of the workflow, both hardware and software.

With careful planning, and by taking an incremental approach and choosing which parts of the workflow are most suited to moving to the cloud first, it is possible to achieve a seamless integration. Whatever the size of your broadcast or video business, cloud-based working can help to make your operation more efficient, flexible, scalable, and cost effective.

In this whitepaper, Veset and MainConcept explore how to maximize the benefits from cloud working, without throwing out existing hardware.

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