4 Reasons Why You Need to Meet Veset at NAB NY

We’re returning to NAB New York this year, and we’re so excited! 

We’re looking forward to seeing you all face to face, to have a good old chat about our cloud native playout platform and to encourage you all to take a reimagined approach to content management. 

Our team will be present on the show floor, ready to meet you and discuss everything about Veset’s Nimbus - cloud playout solution! Here’s just a handful of the things you can expect when coming to see us at NAB.  

1) Witness Brand New Ideas 

We’ve integrated Veset Nimbus with AWS Elemental MediaTailor, providing users with the opportunity to enhance engagement and monetise their content using seamless server-side ad insertion. 

Not just this, but we’ve also integrated with AWS CloudFront, the content delivery service that accelerates video content delivery worldwide. With added security features such as DDoS protection and content encryption, this new integration makes Veset Nimbus an even more robust solution for distributing video content securely. 

Some of our most recent feature releases include the opportunity for PiP (Picture inPicture) and Squeeze. PiP allows for a smaller displayed image to appear over the original programming, whilst Squeeze allows for a manipulated, dramatic and desired effect often used for creative purposes in editing and post-production. This is a great opportunity for live feeds ad insertion. 

2) Find Out What Veset Nimbus Has to Offer 

At NAB, we’ll be discussing our cloud native playout platform and what it can do - so you’re in for a treat. 

With the added support of HTML5 in Veset Nimbus, users are provided with the easy use of the best performing graphics technology, making their linear channels stand out from the crowd. Keeping viewers engaged has never been more important, and with how we watch content changing so rapidly, optimising the quality of content should be the utmost priority. Nimbus also supports DolbyAudioTM, creating high-quality 5.1 channels, allowing users to provide the ultimate surround sound experience for their viewers. 

Demand for ad-supported content is at an all-time high amongst consumers, which means that, naturally, ad monetisation is at its peak. Veset’s integration with Ad-Insertion Platform allows broadcasters, media content owners and service providers to seamlessly deliver ad-supported VOD and live video content to multiple platforms, from satellite to OTT. 

Additionally, the integration with AWS Elemental MediaTailor allows for live-ad insertion to blend in with the foundation programming, offering seamless server-side and rolling banner ads that are less intrusive to the viewer than an ad break. They appear alongside, and the content is left undisturbed. 

Lastly, if there’s one thing Veset knows, it’s building scalable, future-proof solutions. Doing this all comes down to the power of API. 

For effective integration, solutions need a well-constructed RESTful API. To qualify as RESTful, it must meet specific architectural requirements. This makes RESTful APIs scalable, faster, more lightweight and easier to use than a prescribed protocol with restrictive requirements. Veset Nimbus is built on RESTful API, so you know its foundations are strong and capable of anything you throw at it. 

3) Find Out why Cloud Playout is a Game-Changer 

It’s no surprise that the cloud is everywhere in the broadcast industry. 

With the demand for cloud-based solutions through the roof, it’s easy to see why; the added benefits for broadcasters ranges across flexibility, scalability and even cost-efficiency. For media service providers searching for the ultimate software-as-a-service solution, the answer is often going to involve cloud playout - and making your workflow entirely cloud-based has never been easier. 

There is truly no limit to the power of the broadcast industry with cloud. In Veset Nimbus, you can quickly launch new channels and just as easily close existing ones, allowing for an enhanced and reimagined workflow. By utilising cloud playout, users can streamline content distribution, adapt workflows and easily integrate with other cloud products. 

We do it all, including 24/7 channels, allowing for 24 hour streaming services to be optimised by our users. 

4) Meet The Veset Team In Person 

NAB is the perfect opportunity to come and meet us in person and have a real-life chat with us face-to-face. 

Our team is so excited to meet you. We’d love to talk to you about your team, your workflow, how Veset can help you maximise content reach, or even just what you did today. 

Whatever you need, or whatever you’re interested in – we’ll be at NAB ready to chat with you. If you’d like to book a meeting and see our lovely team in person, you can do that here

See you there!

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