Scratching the surface of today's cloud playout solutions

Back in September 2015 we published that overview of hardware-based playout systems back then and still today mimic the native cloud solutions and some partially achieve the benefits offered by genuine cloud-based solutions. It is important understand the risks presented by these partial solutions and their long-term impact.

A few have past but industry continues to rely on old outdate solutions to run linear channels, so learn from that whitepaper, which is still relevant for many, what to look for when selecting a true cloud solution which provides full benefits of the cloud.

The DPP Report: Cloud Playout

Cloud Playout gathers industry experts to examine why media companies are moving playout into the cloud, the different use cases, and the different models as well as the implications of these architectures.

The report is one of four in the DPP’s 2021 series, The Cloud for Media, which aims to explore the reality of media in the cloud today, and shed light on the challenges that remain.

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