Whitepaper: Understanding and maximising the value of the cloud for playout

Back in 2015 Veset founders defined strategic development of the company and its SaaS platform in this whitepaper

"Linear broadcast has been under constant pressure from new forms of television such as OTT, video-on-demand and streaming services that have driven significant and continuing changes in the way consumers discover, access and view content. Cloud infrastructure and Internet technologies have been at the heart of these disruptive new entrants because of the unprecedented scalability and reach they offer. To stay competitive and augment, if not replace, their linear heritage, it’s time for broadcasters to embrace cloud technologies to secure their place in the future of television by becoming more flexible in their ability to deliver high quality, curated content to increasingly fragmented audiences. Playout solutions developed specifically for the cloud now provide flexible tools that are credible, reliable replacements for traditional hardware-based technologies."

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