Veset AdWise: The Wise Choice for Ad-Tech



For as long as content delivery has been ruling our screens, advertising has been close behind, acting as the heroic sidekick. Broadcasted content and ad-breaks have been sitting alongside each other for a long, long time – developing an incredibly fruitful and constantly evolving partnership that has brought light to the ad-tech we have access to today.


The role of ads in the content delivery and playout industry is one that is responsible for monetisation, the growth of advertising organisations and much more. Advertisers are constantly learning how to best utilise the changing habits of consumers and take advantage of the bounty that is personalised advertising. Considering this, here at Veset we have our share of experience in the content playout industry and have decided to introduce an ad-tech solution that addresses the issues many content providers and advertisers face in the current era of advertising.

What is Veset AdWise?


Veset AdWise is the seamless new in-video advertising feature for live and premium feeds, developed by Veset. This latest ad-tech solution allows Veset Nimbus users to serve ads that sit alongside the live feed, without re-directing the viewer away from the main content. These insertions will be introduced in-video, providing an engaging and personalised approach to live advertising without interrupting or hiding the live feed.


Veset AdWise provides a host of new and exciting possibilities for ad personalisation and monetisation, adding value to the delivered content and the consumer experience. With these new horizons in play, questions are being raised about the traditional ad-break. What does the introduction of in-video advertising mean for the ad-break of linear TV we’ve all come to know – and how does this change the future of advertising for the broadcast and media industry?

Is The Era of the Ad-Break Coming to an End?


The linear TV ad-break is one we all know and love. It’s our time to say ‘let’s put the kettle on’ in the 5-minute break between shows - and for 90’s kids, it was one of the only chances we had to point out what gifts we wanted. However, with in-video advertising, is it possible that this traditional format of advertising could be coming to an end? With the opportunity to run adverts directly alongside the broadcasted content, there will eventually be no need for the well-known linear break, and it will likely become obsolete in the years to come as more solutions hit the market.


Introducing a solution such as Veset AdWise into the content playout industry creates a variety of new prospects for advertised content, such as increasing the monetary and profitable value of advert slots, allowing for hyper personalised and content-related advertising and increased possibilities for monetisation. In-video advertising is not only the new face of ad-tech but will likely drastically change the habits of consumers going forward.


Not to mention, with the rise of AI already starting to dominate the industry, it is a very real possibility that the monetisation benefits associated with in-video ad tech will only become more profitable and likely see a dramatic increase in user application. Veset AdWise is one of the first of its kind to hit the market, with premium and high-quality in-video advertising already in play amongst personalised advertising monetisation for AVOD, FAST and linear channels. With the habits of consumers and the demands for users constantly changing, the release of Veset AdWise is a promising and exciting one for users and viewers alike.

The Benefits of In-Video Advertising For Monetisation

An unprecedented shift in consumer habits over the last few years has called for immediate demand on content providers and advertisers alike. It is becoming increasingly common for platforms and content providers to leverage consumer data in favour of enabling hyper-targeted ads and content, depending on the customer's willingness to share their data.


For this reason, amongst others, in-video advertising has the potential to become the new norm amongst advertisers in the industry and opens up many prospects for monetisation and personalisation. Veset AdWise is built and designed with the concept of personalising, monetising, and leveraging ad-tech for cloud playout – with a premium finish. By challenging the traditional ad break, in-video advertising has the advantage of being associated with the content, immediately sky-rocketing the value of adverts displayed alongside popular broadcasts. Ads now have the power of personalisation at another level alongside themed content, allowing advertisers to be appropriately partnered up with distributed content for higher revenue sales and engagement.

How Veset AdWise is Changing the Ad-Tech Game

In an industry where advertising is changing rapidly, Veset AdWise offers new prospects and expands the possibilities available to advertisers in the content playout space and embracing personalisation and monetisation, Veset AdWise is setting the scene for a new wave of ad tech in the years to come.

There is an unprecedented and growing demand for advertisers and content providers to meet the ever-growing needs of consumers, especially with AI taking a front seat in the industry – and in-video advertising is just one of the ways that we are attempting to provide a solution. By increasing the inherent value, status and profitable aspects of ads running alongside the broadcasted content, the demand for consumers can be met at the same time as addressing the challenges we, as an industry, face in traditional linear broadcast.


Veset AdWise is available as a feature inside Veset Nimbus, our enterprise grade cloud playout solution that enables the delivery and monetisation of linear channels to OTT and broadcast. With the new addition of Veset AdWise, cloud playout can be made accessible, manageable, monetisable and future-proof with a re-imagined approach to ad-tech and the consumer habits of years to come.

The Future of Ad-Tech in Content Playout


So, we’ve established the challenges present in the advertising industry, and addressed the possible solutions – but what does the future of ad-tech in content playout look like? More importantly, how can we prepare ourselves?


As the dominating presence that is AI and ML storms the industry, we are seeing an astronomical change in the demands of consumers on content distributors and advertisers. With new and promising solutions becoming available, such as VesetAdWise, the prospect of in-video advertising shares an insight into what the future of the industry might look like. Ad-tech and content playout, specifically AVOD and FAST channels, are likely to be some of the bigger takers of in-video advertising, introducing a new and promising approach to the future of streaming.


More importantly, the ‘end of the ad break’ in traditional linear TV will likely give way to a whole new era of advertising in the broadcast and media industry – and with the addition of AI as the support act, there is no telling just how different the advertising and broadcast industry might look in a decade.


To learn more about Veset Nimbus and how Veset AdWise could help supercharge your content playout and monetisation game, apply for a demo today.

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