Veset and BitCentral announce partnership with focus on Americas

May 26, 2021

Veset and BitCentral announce partnership with focus on Americas

Bitcentral Inc., the leading provider of media workflow solutions, announces a strategic partnership with Veset. Bitcentral will market, sell and support Veset Nimbus, a cloud-based playout solution which provides greater flexibility to broadcast playout, in the Americas. Veset Nimbus will be represented alongside Bitcentral’s own on-premises Central Control playout system and will allow the launch of playout services in the cloud. This will enable broadcast customers to easily create new services quickly and efficiently.

Whether operating with a CAPEX or OPEX-based business model, Bitcentral customers will now have more flexibility in how they manage their channels in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Bitcentral has built a very strong customer base for its Central Control product and a reputation for operational excellence that has been forged over the course of two decades. With this partnership, Bitcentral customers across the US will be able to get the same expertise and support in a cloud-based environment using Veset Nimbus.

“Veset’s advanced playout solution, Veset Nimbus, allows broadcasters to work with the flexibility and dynamism demanded of live television today. Whether that is for launching multiple 24/7 channels, pop-up channels for specific events, or backup for disaster recovery, Veset Nimbus offers the most technically advanced solution I have seen in the cloud,” said Sam Peterson, General Manager Core Products Business Unit, at Bitcentral. “Bitcentral has long been known for on-premises playout with Central Control. Now I’m delighted to tell our customers that we can support them with the same level of dedication and expertise for cloud-based playout, too.”

“We are really excited to be partnering with Bitcentral. The company has an amazing track record in providing broadcasters with the tools and support they need for live playout. When it comes to operational experience there is no-one better,” said Igor Krol, CEO at Veset. “Bitcentral has a great customer list and there is a perfect synergy between our companies. I can’t think of a better partner to represent Veset Nimbus in the Americas.”

The most popular use-cases of Veset Nimbus include:

  • 24/7 long-term channels - For launching new 24/7 linear channels or migrating existing ones. Linear channels can be localized but monetized globally without the investment risks of a CAPEX-funded project. Includes built-in redundancy for playout and storage.
  • Pop-up channels - Ad hoc temporary channels with fast deployment using IP only workflows. Enables global access and mobility for full flexibility. No investment is needed client-side and customers benefit from a pay-per-use SaaS model.
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) - Provides a secure cloud-based back-up for a main hardware-based playout in the event of a loss of power for broadcasting. Short-term backup instances can easily be converted into long-term solutions in the event of major main site outage.
About Bitcentral, Inc.

From global brands to TV stations and publishers, Bitcentral is driving a new future in storytelling. For over 20 years, we’ve helped broadcasters and publishers deliver the biggest stories in news, sports, and entertainment to the widest audiences. Our systems are used by over a thousand media and entertainment organizations to simplify the production, distribution, and monetization of content everywhere. With Core News™ , we offer unparalleled reliability and agility for content production. Our master control products, Central Control™ and Veset Nimbus, provide a complete and trusted toolset for managing playout with the added flexibility for on-prem CAPEX operations or cloud-based OPEX capabilities. Our award winning FUEL™ solution helps production teams organize and distribute content further into digital platforms, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

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About Veset

Founded in 2011 Veset ( is a technology disruptor in the linear television playout space. Veset was one of the first companies to deploy a native AWS-based linear channel management platform for video content owners. Veset is focused on self-services SaaS. Its products, Veset Nimbus and Stratus, enable playout to both traditional and OTT platforms and are available to customers directly, including through AWS Marketplace, or via technology and broadcast service providers. Veset operates globally with customers based in over 15 countries.

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