Veset Stratus Launched in AWS Marketplace

April 21, 2021

Veset Stratus Launched in AWS Marketplace

Veset has announced that its Stratus SaaS application is now available in AWS Marketplace . Veset Stratus is an easy-to-use all-in-one web app for creating and managing linear TV channels.

Veset Stratus is designed for modern content owners and reduces the complexity of creating and managing 24/7 or pop-up linear channels. Users can combine live and pre-recorded (e.g. VOD) content, add broadcast graphics and SCTE-35 markers for ad-insertion, and generate an EPG to create high-quality IP streams ready for distribution. Stratus also enables creation and management of frame accurate playlists and template schedules to simplify daily planning.

Interoperability with AWS Media Services makes it fast and easy for Stratus users to produce, process, and deliver those linear channels to multiple platforms. This includes interoperability with AWS Elemental MediaConnect for secure, reliable live video transport and AWS Elemental MediaLive for live video processing. Stratus output feeds can also be distributed using Amazon CloudFront , a fast content delivery network (CDN) service to securely deliver videos directly to various vMVPD and OTT platforms.

Many video content owners are keen to experiment with ad-supported linear distribution. They are looking for a straightforward SaaS product which someone without prior knowledge of linear TV can operate. Combining our easy-to-use scheduling and channel management tool with AWS Media Services gives them a complete solution without the complexity, and with flexible pay-as-you-go pricing.

Igor KrolCEO, Veset

Veset Stratus in AWS Marketplace offers a true “playout on demand” for linear TV channels where content owners can create and launch linear TV channels in minutes and pay on a per-hour basis.

Visit Veset’s AWS Marketplace listing page to learn more about available packages and subscribe.

About Veset

Founded in 2011 Veset ( is a technology disruptor in the linear television playout space. Veset was one of the first companies to deploy a native AWS-based linear channel management platform for video content owners. Veset is focused on self-services SaaS. Its products, Veset Nimbus and Stratus, enable playout to both traditional and OTT platforms and are available to customers directly, including through AWS Marketplace, or via technology and broadcast service providers. Veset operates globally with customers based in over 15 countries.

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