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Veset Nimbus architecture

Veset Nimbus architecture




  • Dashboard

  • Ingest

  • Media asset management

  • Scheduling

  • Channel

  • Playout

  • IP multiviewer (MCR VIEW)


Ingest sources

Automated ingest from FTP, SFTP, AWS S3 , Azure Blob , Telia OS , Alibaba OSS , Wasabi , dotstudioPRO

Video codecs supported

Broadcast MPEG2 (h.262) / AVC (h.264) / HEVC (h.265) formats, XDCAM, DV / DVCPRO, ProRes 422, H.264 / 265, XAVC-Intra, AVCHD / AVCHDPRO, XDCAM HD / IM

Video containers supported


Audio codecs supported

AAC, MPEG1 Layer2 audio

Audio containers supported

Embedded in video container, WAV PCM

Subtitle formats


Quality Check

Built-in automated QC functionality verifies media playability, extracts metadata, analizes audio loudness, verifies secondary data streams (subtitles etc.)

AWS Rekognition support for additional QC (black/frozen frames etc.) and metadata (content type recognition etc.) extraction

Media asset management

Public cloud storage

AWS S3 (incl. automated Glacier deep storage/archiving functionality), Alibaba OSS, Azure Blob, Telia OS, Wasabi

Private cloud storage

Any AWS S3 API compatible object-based storage (OpenStack Swift, Ceph etc.)

Asset management

Search/filter by metadata values, content preview, tagging, manual metadata addition, virtual asset copies / segmentation, cue-point management (for ad insertion purposes)

Bulk-import external editorial metadata through XML sidecars (multiple formats supported) and REST API

Playout architectures

Full cloud (incl. choice of Warm backup vs. Hot backup)

Hybrid cloud + edge (custom deployment)

Business model options

SaaS self service, fixed monthly or annual subscription


Video output

SD, HD, UHD (up to 60fps) | PAL, NTSC, ATSC

Audio output

Stereo (up to 8 pairs)

Subtitles output

DVB Teletext (up to 8 tracks)

DVB Bitmap (up to 16 tracks)

Closed Captions (EIA/CEA-608)

WebVTT (HLS subtitles)

Playout Output options

Standard DVB-compliant MPEG-TS over IP (UDP / RTP / RTP-FEC / HLS (incl. ABR HLS) / SRT (server, client) / RTMP (server client))

Contribution / Distribution Transport

AWS MediaConnect , AWS MediaLive , AWS DirectConnect

Standalone Zixi Feeder/Broadcaster and Zixi OTT Repackager

WOWZA Streaming Engine
Live feed ingest

Multiple simultaneous live feeds provided over IP (UDP / RTP / RTP-FEC / HLS (incl. ABR HLS) / SRT (server, client) / RTMP (server client)). This also includes live feed ingest from AWS MediaConnect.

SCTE35 / DTMF signalling capabilities

Input: SCTE-35 listener, SCTE-35 pass-through from live input to playout output

Output: Advanced customizable SCTE-35 output (customizable if..then.. /splice/event/program IDs configurable etc.), DTMF tone passthrough

Audio loudness normalisation

EBU-R128, ATSC A/85, custom -dB levels

Compliance Recording

Record customizable output feed(s) to AWS S3 / other object-based storage (incl. timecode overlay etc.)

Live Recording

Record incoming live feeds automatically and be able to schedule them afterwards for repeats (including markin/outs)

Broadcast graphics

Proprietary web-based WYSIWYG graphics editor

Multi-layer based graphics

Import external graphics (images, animations in Quicktime MOV with/without alpha channels - both real-size and full-screen)

Dynamic graphics (playlist or metadata-based image lookup, caption substitution)

Standard broadcast motion graphics (lower 3rds, running lines, countdown timers etc.)


Playlist Management

Drag and drop based playlist editor that allows easy daily/weekly playlist creation, including secondary events and other data (ad cues, metadata, etc.)

Apply last minute changes, automatically fix gaps and overlaps, identify missing content, timing deviations, create placeholders etc.

Gap-filler playlists - looping content that plays instead of gaps/missing content

Advanced Playlist Import

Native import of BXF-compliant playlists, import 3rd party text-based formats (e.g. WideOrbit, Broadview, PebbleBeach)

Capability to add custom format support including customer-specific CSV, XLSX, XML and other formats

EPG output

Automatically output playlist-based EPG data in XMLTV standard dynamic XML file served over HTTPS


Automated analysis of playout outputs feeds (black/frozen, audio tracks silent etc.)

Built-in Multiviewer - watch all live contribution feeds and outputs on a single screen

Audit Logging

Log user actions and system events

Filter and search the log results

Alert Notification Center

Configure personalised or group notifications

Email-based alerting related to outputs, missing assets other workflow issues

Post alerts over web hook (e.g. to Slack channels)


TLS secured web-based management portal and REST API encryption

Multi-factor authentication support (Google Auth based system; authentication with mobile devices)

User account roles and permissions (RBAC)

Cloud infrastructure protected by AWS security services

Files-at-rest stored with AWS S3 encryption enabled

API support

Full system functionality available through fully-documented standard REST API for easy integration with 3rd party systems


  • Transport

    Transport is handled by 3rd party services

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