Veset Stratus




Linear TV

All-in-one linear channel management for 24/7 or pop-up linear TV channels ready for OTT and traditional distribution

Live events

Build channels around live events, combining live and VOD content in seamless channels


Monetise your channels using SCTE35 markers scheduled and inserted by Stratus

Live graphics

Brand your channel with live broadcast graphics applied to both live and VOD content on the fly

VOD integration

Integrate with your VOD platform Brightcove and Kaltura, or connect to AWS S3 bucket or simply upload directly using all major formats

Easy scheduling

Schedule precise frame accurate daily playlists for 24/7 or pop-up channels


Linear with live events

  • Intelligent schedule filling to simplify daily planning
  • Apply live graphics (logo, running line, announcements)
  • Seamlessly combine manual or scheduled live events with pre-recorded (VOD) content
  • Launch pop-up linear channel around live events (e.g. sports, live concerts, music competitions)
  • Integrate with AWS Elemental Media Services

VOD to scheduled linear

  • Schedule linear channels from your VOD CMS
  • Out-of-the-box delivery to OTT platforms (Xumo, STIRR, DistroTV, BrightCove)
  • Monetise content with ad revenues
  • Brand-building with 24/7 channel

Juke box channels

  • Create 24/7 channels from any content
  • Do not waste hours manually scheduling your channels
  • Move away from obsolete hardware solutions
  • Work in remote teams to manage the channel
  • Deliver your channel feeds using Zixi technology to satellite or cable headends


Cloud supportAWS, Telia and Wasabi
Live contributionStandard - RTMP, HLS, Custom (Zixi, AWS MediaConnect)
VOD StorageAWS S3, BrightCove MediaCloud
VOD Video formatsMP4
Broadcast graphicsLogo, running line
Ad insertion markerSCTE35
Output formatsHLS, MPEG TS
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