Veset launches new prosumer cloud playout platform at IBC

London, United Kingdom September 4, 2017: At IBC 2017 – Stand 8.D31 – the pioneering cloud playout software-as-a-service provider Veset will be showcasing its latest range of solutions, including the new Veset Cirrus prosumer cloud playout platform for OTT providers and the Veset Nimbus-enabled affordable and scalable 4K playout solution.

Veset Cirrus

IBC attendees are invited to test drive this new product, developed to address the needs of OTT providers looking to enable their non-traditional content owners (such as niche sport, music and general entertainment producers) to create linear TV channels with a quick and easy playout experience.

Veset Cirrus enables channel creators and owners to self-manage their content without facing the complexity of traditional broadcast playout systems. The end product is a professional-looking channel seamlessly combining live streaming and pre-recorded content with simple broadcast graphics. Drag-and-drop and looping playlist capabilities take the hassle out of traditionally cumbersome and time-consuming channel management processes.

Gatis Gailis, founder and CTO of Veset commented: “With the democratisation of video creation and distribution through social networks we believe there is an important place for a new way of launching and managing 24/7 channels to be distributed via OTT. What’s needed is a very simple platform for those ‘prosumers’, i.e. creatives who have neither the expertise nor the resources to manage complex and costly broadcast structures but who nevertheless need to run their 24/7 channels to professional standards.”

Veset Cirrus will be integrated into Freedocast Live Streaming Platform by YuppTV. That recently launched platform is designed as a one-stop-solution providing cloud transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming for best viewing experience in low bandwidths, real-time analytics, viewer interactivity with chat moderation, ad-integration, pay-per-view, geo-blocking & password protection for control of events.

Affordable and Scalable 4K from Veset Nimbus

Veset Nimbus delivers true cloud playout for professionally managed television channels, with integrated audio, video and graphics functionality combining ingest, media asset management and playout in an all-in-one channel creation solution.

At IBC 2017 we will demonstrate Veset Nimbus 4K true cloud playout which delivers high-quality H.265 50 fps ultra high definition (UHD) channels based on scalable and flexible SaaS solutions. Veset Nimbus is deployable on AWS, other public clouds and also as an edge solution, depending on customers’ priorities and distribution preferences.

Igor Krol, CEO commented: “The costs and capital investment risks associated with 4K channel creation and distribution has deterred growth in the market despite the growing availability of content. With our H.265-based solution, Veset Nimbus kills two birds with one stone: we provide an opportunity to create new channels in ultra high definition while removing the risks based on significant investments alongside unproven business concepts. Our playout solution can deliver 4K ranging from basic 25fps YouTube channels to a fully-fledged 50fps feed distributed to satellite DTH.”

He also added: “Despite misleading marketing by some technology vendors and even reputable managed service providers who use their in-house private datacenters to offer “virtualized” edge playout, our assertion is that Veset Nimbus remains unique to the industry, thanks to its ability to deliver efficiency through technologies available with true cloud such as AWS. Indeed linear television’s prospects of survival will surely benefit from the adoption of new, cutting edge, cloud-friendly solutions, rather than clinging to the previous century’s outdated software-hardware approach, hastily ported to private datacentre, and posing as cloud playout.”

About Veset

Veset is a broadcast technology innovator and among the first to deploy a 100% cloud-based playout SaaS solution for channel production. Relying on unique first-hand expertise in helping clients create channels with SaaS technologies and cloud infrastructure, the company’s mission is to deliver new solutions that address growing demand for cost effectiveness, operational flexibility and reliability among video content owners and distributors.

About Freedocast

Freedocast is a product by YuppTV, pioneer and one of the world’s largest online over-the-top (OTT) entertainment solutions provider. Freedocast is a live broadcasting solution which enables the user to live stream instantly anywhere anytime. Broadcast simultaneously to multiple platforms like fb Live, YouTube Live, etc. Freedocast provides Adaptive Bitrate Streaming which enables streaming even in low bandwidth.

For further information contact:

Veset: Lucy Globa, +44 208 1234 916, Email:

YuppTV: Pooja Diwan, +91 40 23555055

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